HCV Core Protein

Hepatitis C Virus is a single-stranded, positive RNA flavivirus that causes severe liver disease. Initial and early chronic infection is usually mild or asymptomatic, but often progresses to liver disease, cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. Transmission is primarily by blood-to-blood contact associated with intravenous drug use or transfusions, affecting an estimated 170 million people annually.

The HCV core protein is a structural protein that forms an icosahedral protective shell surrounding the viral RNA. The mature viral particle is further encased in a lipid (fatty) envelope of cellular origin into which viral glycoproteins E1 and E2 are embedded.  It is highly immunogenic and as such a good candidate for HCV detection.

Caution: This product is intended for research or manufacturing use only.

Product Details:

Product # BA11-P
Size 1mg
Appearance clear colorless liquid
Purity >95%
Mol Weight approx 16.8kDa
Concentration 1.0 mg/ml
Buffer Phosphate Buffered Saline pH7.4
Activity Binds HCV positive serum antibodies
Shipping Shipped on blue ice
Storage 4 C, or aliquot and store at -20C
Expression System E. Coli
Assay Method(s) SDS-PAGE (purity),
Immunoblot (reactivity sera)
Application Suitable for use in ELISA, Western Blot
& lateral flow assays. Each laboratory
should determine optimum working titre
for use in it’s particular application
Expiry Date As indicated
Production Date As indicated
Assay Date As indicated
Lot # As indicated