HIV-1 gp41
(Ectodomain Subtype B)

The HIV-1 surface receptor complex (Envelope) consists of a protein comprising 2 glycoproteins, gp120 and gp41. The latter are assembled into a heterodimeric form through noncovalent association, with the membrane-embedded gp41 anchoring gp120 to the viral surface. gp120 interacts with the host cell receptor, CD4, as the first point of contact during viral entry. Thereafter, the fusogenic activity of gp41 is required to mediate fusion of the viral and host cell membranes, allowing internalisation of the viral capsid. Due to the highly immunogenic character of the HIV Envelope proteins, robust host antibody responses against the HIV Envelope proteins develop soon after acute infection, and recombinant forms of gp41 have thus found a valuable application as antigens for capturing anti-HIV antibodies in HIV diagnostic assays. Furthermore, the critical role played by gp41 in viral entry has rendered this protein an increasingly valuable drug target.

12% Denaturing (SDS)
Bis-Tris Polyacrylamide Gel


Caution: This product is intended for research or manufacturing use only.

Product Details:

Product # BA01B-C
Size 1mg
Appearance solid white powder
Purity >95%
Mol Weight approx 16.0kDa
Concentration 1.0 mg/ml when reconstituted as recommended
Buffer 20mM Na-carbonate, pH9.6
Activity Binds HIV-1 positive serum antibodies
Shipping Shipped at ambient temperature
Storage 15-25 C lyophilized;
4 C when reconstituted
Expression System E. Coli
Assay Method(s) SDS-PAGE (purity),
Immunoblot (reactivity sera)
Application Suitable for use in ELISA, Western Blot
& lateral flow assays. Each laboratory
should determine optimum working titre
for use in it’s particular application
Expiry Date As indicated
Production Date As indicated
Assay Date As indicated
Lot # As indicated