Syphilis Product Launch


Syphilis, a chronic bacterial disease of which there are 3.4 million new cases in Africa annually, is caused by Treponema pallidum, bacteria that are transmitted through sexual contact or from mother to child during pregnancy.

While sexually transmitted Syphilis presents as sores and a secondary rash, mother-to-child transmission is particularly problematic, as affected babies could be born prematurely, have a low birth weight, or be stillborn.1 Early Syphilis infections are estimated to be responsible for up to 14% of neonatal deaths and babies with congenital Syphilis can even go on to develop complications like blindness, deafness and nervous system problems.

The Cuban Case

Cuba has set a stellar example for the rest of the world by eliminating mother-to-child transmission of Syphilis, a victory won through access to prenatal care, testing pregnant women for Syphilis, and treatment for Syphilis infection.2

Syphilis can be treated with antibiotics

Syphilis can easily be treated with the appropriate antibiotics, and with the proper diagnostic tools and management of care, mother-to-child transmission can be eliminated worldwide.

In order to do this, though, one of the targets that need to be reached is testing 95% of pregnant women.3

BioTech Africa is proud to be doing its part in attaining this goal of widespread prenatal testing by providing a range of syphilis antigens for use in diagnostic tests that make these tests cheaper and therefore more accessible to caregivers and their patients.

Introducing BioTech Africa’s Syphilis antigens:

TmpA | TpN15 | TpN17 | TpN47

A leading manufacturer of LFIAs reports that the efficacy of BioTech Africa’s antigens is 25% higher than those of its competitors. This high purity means less of the antigen is required in the manufacture of diagnostic tests, rendering the product more affordable and accessible.

In this way, BioTech Africa takes a bold step forward in helping to decrease the number of cases of congenital Syphilis – and another in eradicating disease through early and innovative diagnostics.



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